Messages from Beyond

Continue your connection with your friends and family after your passing. Whether you wish to share essential information, heartfelt messages or cheerful notes on specific days, the choice is yours. Tailor and craft personalized letters for specific individuals or groups, ensuring that only they have access when the appointed time arrives. Everything is free and easy to use, whether you're in the prime of life at 18 or embracing the wisdom of 80. A safe Digital Vault.

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What can you deliver?



Create customized letters to express your thoughts in words.

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Bottle Posts

Schedule letters to surprise your recipients or greet them on important days, like birthdays or holidays.

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Store encrypted passwords and key information on accounts or similar subjects that may help your recipients.

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Build a contact list containing your recipients. Connect these to your content, so only they will receive access, or let multiple recipients have access to the same content.

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Release Rules

Choose from a range of options for registering your passing, allowing us to deliver your content to recipients.

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Themes and Customizations

Format your content to fit your preferences, while we provide a variety of themes to enhance the reading experience.

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We run on donations

Yes, it's all FREE

Our aim is to include everyone, regardless of economic situations. All features are free of charge, funded by donations from the community. Try out the platform and consider participating if you're able to contribute. We would greatly appreciate your support, but don't worry — it's not an obligation.

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Happiness to the end

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It only takes a couple of minutes, and you are ready to write your legacy messages.
If you need more convincing, read our article on how it feels to receive letters from beyond.