How does it work?

Think of OpenWhenGone.com as an alternative to storing letters in envelopes and hiding them somewhere in your room, or handing them over to your recipients and crossing your fingers that they won't open the envelopes before planned. The platform securely stores your content and delivers it to your recipients only when you have passed away. Additionally, you can schedule letters (e.g. sending letters every year on a recipient's birthday) and store encrypted passwords. You can deliver content to one or multiple recipients of your choice.

Simplified, it consists of 3 steps:

  • 1. Write your content.
  • 2. Choose how we can detect your passing.
  • 3. Your recipients will receive your content when your passing is confirmed.
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Three steps

1. Content


Letters are exactly what the word indicates: your thoughts written in words. Enhance them with formatting and a collection of themes. Letters are instantly delivered when a passing has been registered, to one or multiple recipients.

Bottle Posts

Bottle Posts are similar to letters, but you can schedule them to be released either on specific dates or with different day delays. These are handy for maintaining your connection, surprising your recipients, or delivering kind messages on birthdays or holidays. Imagine a sea with floating bottles that eventually land on shore, revealing their cheerful content. Create Botle Post Collections for one or multiple recipients.


Passwords are a great way to share login information for different platforms. They can also be used to provide details about where to find specific valuables and the like. All passwords are naturally fully encrypted for the security of you and your recipients.

2. Release Rules

For us to detect a passing, we currently provide two different methods.

Scheduled Confirmations

With this method, you will receive an email either every week, month, or year (depending on your choice) containing a link to let us know that you are still with us. If the link is not activated within a certain timeframe, a countdown period will begin* before your active content is released to your recipients.


With Confidants, you can select up to three trusted people who can inform us of your passing. When a confidant reacts, you will receive an email about this, along with a confirmation link. If the link is not activated within a certain timeframe, a countdown period will begin* before your active content is released to your recipients.

*Countdown periods consist of 30 days during which you will receive multiple reminders. If none of these are responded to, your content will be released on day 0, as we can assume the passing has occurred. Please note that if your account is set to deceased by mistake, once you log in again, your account will be resurrected, and your content will be withdrawn from your recipients.

3. Recipients


Create a list of friends and family whom you can add as recipients of your content. They will receive access to your active letters, bottle posts, and passwords once we have registered your passing. We provide various validation methods that you may complete for your recipients to validate the genuineness of your letters, in case you don't feel like preparing them. You can also select up to three of these as Confidants, who can register your passing.